Sam turns 3!

Sam finally turned 3…I say finally because Brad and I both feel like he’s been 2 forever. He started speaking well early, was tall for his height, and just seemed way older than 2 for a long time. He is our emotional child. One minute he’s fine and then next he’s crying about something. He’ll end up being the athlete of our house. He LOVES sports and he definitely has the energy to play them. And while Carter is attached to Brad at the hip, Sam is my buddy. Not sure if Miles will be a momma’s boy, but Sam sure is.

We had Sam’s party the weekend before his actual birthday – the theme was construction. We can drive past a work sight and he’ll  name all the trucks (dump truck, excavator, front loader, skid steer, etc).

Nothing like a birthday breakfast on your actual birthday!

Sam chose Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday dinner…big shocker. Apparently Thursday nights are the time to go – there was hardly anyone there. We ate some pepperoni pizza, played some games, got some cheesy prizes, and then came home to open presents! Note in the pictures, Carter plays the video games, while Sam plays the sports games…

To end the birthday celebration, Sam opened his presents from us.


Once again, I’m way behind on posts. I blame it partly on Picasa who wasn’t wanting to find my pictures I was uploading to the server. I finally got it work last night and apparently I just wasn’t being patient enough, as it took awhile to find the pictures. So, Halloween…

The first thing we did was make our annual trip to Rombach’s Farm to get pumpkins. We’ve been going there since Carter was a year old and the kids look forward to it every year.

A few nights later we decorated our pumpkins. We haven’t carved them probably since Carter was 1. Instead we’ve been using our potato-head-like decorations. Maybe next year we’ll carve them again – I’m sure Sam would love digging out the insides.

The week before Halloween, Fort Zumwalt West put on a Safe Halloween night. Each class had a fun activity for the kids to do. The kids had fun since they got to wear their costumes and get candy!

Finally to end out the Halloween festivities, was Trick or Treating. It ended up being a really nice evening for it and the kids loved it. Even Miles got to wear his costume.

Dinah’s 5th Birthday Party

Dinah had her birthday party Saturday. Today is her actual birthday – Happy Birthday Dinah! She had a Monster High theme. Having 3 boys, I had never heard of it!

Getting ready for presents:

Zachary’s Playground

We recently discovered a super cool playground about 10 minutes away in Lake St. Louis. We’ve made several trips there since too! It’s huge and the kids have a blast running around and playing with everything.

Pretending like we were spiders in the spiderweb:

Chelsie’s wedding

Saturday night Brad’s cousin, Chelsie got married. The kids threw on their khakis and button-up collared shirts, and we headed to the wedding and reception!

This is the only picture that turned out good at the wedding. We sat in the very back row, in case one of the kids got loud (which they were fantastic…amazing what candy can do!), and they asked everyone to turn off their flash during the wedding…so all that equals only 1 decent picture.

Chelsie's Wedding 10-1-11 (1).JPG

On to the party!


Sam thought it was loud when the announced the wedding party:

Chelsie's Wedding 10-1-11 (12).JPG

Miles all dressed up:

Chelsie's Wedding 10-1-11 (14).JPG

Brad & Chelsie:

Chelsie's Wedding 10-1-11 (16).JPG

Chelsie with her Dad and Grandma:

Chelsie's Wedding 10-1-11 (17).JPG



Carter got ahold of the camera:


Miles taking a nap during the crazy loud music:

Chelsie's Wedding 10-1-11 (23).JPG

Miles hanging out with Karl, Gramz, and Kevin:


Cutie Noah:

Chelsie's Wedding 10-1-11 (50).JPG

Carter on the dance floor:


An attempt at a family picture:



4 Months

Sorry for the lack of posts. Free time is scarce around here. And frankly, it’s a lot easier to post the pictures on Facebook. However, I will try to keep making posts.

So this post is 2 weeks late, as Miles is now 4 1/2 months old. He remains the happiest baby ever. All 3 of our kids were really good babies, but Miles is so easy and content. He smiles ALL the time. Grandpa Randy would have loved him…another bald, round head like him!

So here are the kiddos 4 month stats:

Miles weighed 15 lbs 4.5 oz and was 25 1/4 in long

4 months 9-18-11 (1).JPG

Sam weighed 14 lbs 11 oz and was 26 in long

4 months 3-3-09 1.JPG

Carter weighed 16 lbs 8 oz and was 25 1/2 in long

4 months old 11-17-06.jpg

You can definitely tell that Carter was a chunk and Sam was long and skinny! Looking back through Carter and Sam’s pictures, I see Miles in both of them!

Josiah and support for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Mary said the other day that if we won the lottery and didn’t have to work anymore she’d want to spend time helping people by volunteering at a homeless shelter or something along that lines. I joked that while she did that I’d be traveling the world. All joking aside I would be right there with her (in between vacations of course…) Well, it may be a while before we win the lottery, in the mean time though I love finding other ways to help out without having to first win the lottery such as participating in the several annual walks in our area or, in the case of this post, buying a t-shirt.

I read a lot of tech blogs and I was reading Stephen Hackett’s tech website, 512 Pixels, and I went to read his “about” page and he said that he’s got a toddler that is a patient at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Little Josiah has a brain tumor. They found out about the tumor when he was just 6 months old. Jesus… I couldn’t even imagine… Mary and I have 3 of the most amazing and (thankfully) healthy children we could ask for and to receive news like this about one of our own children would just be so indescribably devastating. While our children are happy and healthy this does still hit home with us because unfortunately we know more than our share of family and friends going through (and have passed because of) similar illnesses.

I’ve never met Merri and Stephen Hackett but I instantly have the utmost respect for them for having to go through their journey with Josiah and I’m quite sure they’re making the very most of every moment.

Anyway… I followed the link to the blog they have set up for updates about little Josiah (who appears to be doing good as of last Friday’s post by the way) and I noticed they’re selling t-shirts…  All proceeds go to St. Jude’s which of course covers Josiah’s care which is just an incredible financial burden when it comes to care of this nature.

Mary and I just bought a couple t-shirts and I thought I’d pass along the info in case anyone else was interested!


Just found this YouTube clip on Josiah’s Updates blog of Josiah and his father Stephen. Cute kid!